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Купить apple iphone 3g? А за какую сумму ты готов его купить? Сейчас уже можно приобрести этот товар всего лишь за 14 тысяч новеньким. Телефон и смартфон 2 в одном. С каждым днем этот девайс дешевеет и становится доступнее каждому. Купите его с доставкой по почте России.
The iPhone 3G is different from the previous models? Adds support 3 G networks, Internet service App Storei GPS. Let's take a look at the product of the past. After reading the review, many realize that the iPhone 3G is still relevant today.
iPhone 3G

Exterior The iPhone 3G is standard equipment features for Apple. Is that the first products were a bit awkward, and the angularity of inherited and iPhone 3G. Immediately it should be said that there are two versions of the gadget: iPhone 3G 8gb, iPhone 3G 16gb. The first version has a black back cover, and the second version has in its arsenal, and a black cap and white. We consider the example of this gadget iPhone 3G 16gb. If you look at the iPhone 3G not really changed compared to the first model, the filling has changed dramatically. iPhone 3G from the first model supports 3 G, updated firmware 2.0 and GPS-module. The back cover has become plastic (which is why the phone began to weigh significantly less). Battery capacity in the iPhone 3 G is also become larger.


The emergence of 3 G networks, 3 G iPhone users can download data from the Internet with good speed. Of course, the latest iPhone model, and got 4 G. All the operators that provide 3 G connectivity, work well with this model iPhone. Is that a Ukrainian operators can cause problems (company Utel). Setting the Internet comes quite simply, no need to read a huge number of guides to understand how to enter the necessary network settings in the iPhone 3G. Present here and the aforementioned GPS does not make the grade from the iPhone browser. But the problem is that instead of working with standard cards, iPhone 3G is compatible only with the online service from Google Maps. Voice prompts, and other functions in GPS-gadget is - GPS functions just like Google Maps on your PC. The difference can be seen only in the fact that the iPhone 3G itself defines the route. At that time (2008-2009 year) Apple refused other services GPS-navigation. Therefore, serious hopes of GPS-navigator in the Apple iPhone 3G is not necessary to impose. And now about the operating system. If you think that the standard iOS 2.0 - is a sentence, then you are deeply mistaken. Using firmware 2.0 of course also possible, especially the user, who is not whimsical to the capabilities of the gadget. And those who want to get a full iPhone, can easily upgrade to iOS 4.1. Alas, this is the latest version of the firmware that is available for the iPhone 3G. Currently still out applications that are compatible with this version of the operating system. In general, updating the iPhone 3G up to 4.1, you will get something fourth level model, but with weaker performance. But there are still moments that give the year of release iPhone 3 G. For example, the iPhone 3G is not MMS. That sounds strange, because it's an expensive smart phone for its time. However, Bluetooth also does not work the way we used to. It can be used only to connect the headset. But throw photo to a friend you can not. And the hardest hit - is the lack of video recording. Yes, this was the phone.


The main advantage of Apple iPhone 3G is the interface. iPhone extremely easy to use, and its nice design can not get bored. Dizayne6ry good job of animation from the main menu. That is its interface the iPhone and conquered the market. Then people are not particularly versed in the gland, but "give me this one krasivenky with apple 'already. And now and then iPhone is not aware of problems with autonomy (than Apple boasts probably never will). When using 2 G is connected, you can talk for 10 hours, and then you will have a few minutes to write an SMS. But if you connect a 3 G network, autonomy will fall by almost half. Another faithful companion iPhone - is the quality of materials and workmanship. The Apple iPhone 3G, these figures on a high level. But carry the phone without a case is still not recommended. However, there is a problem with fingerprints, that is not going away. Therefore, the owner of the gadget you should always carry a special cloth to wipe the screen and cover. The manufacturer offers in addition to the iPhone are a number of brand-name supplements docking station, Bluetooth garinuta, a wired headset, and others.


Apple iPhone 3G is like the first iPod Touch, not only externally but also multimedia capabilities (which includes 3 G). For large amount of internal memory and a remarkable standard player with good sound audio can also be attributed to the peculiarities of the iPhone 3 G. Chargers iPhonehvatit 24 hours of music playback or 7 hours of video playback - this is a very good result for smartphones. By the way, 16gb phone user is available only 14.6. With videos fared as well as the music. And all this thanks to the high-quality display with a diagonal of 3.5 inches and a resolution of 320x480. IPhone 3 G and now can be used like a tablet thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi and a large choice of browsers to this handset. In general, the phone is great for surfing the Internet. In 2008, competitors had simply did not exist (except that Nokia N810). This gadget has a function of multi-touch, which you can zoom site simple flick of a finger. Resource YouTube simply created for Apple iPhone 3G, so watch videos here - a pleasure. Social networking is also well seen on this iPhone. Photos thanks to high-speed internet, load quickly, messages reach instantly.


Then, Apple was excellent smartphone: comfortable, stylish, different from the others. Quality Module 3 G, excellent resolution and great potential of autonomy makes the iPhone a reliable and faithful companion not only in 2008 but also in 2014. Now these models 3 G is hard to find. Still, it's real. This iPhone perfectly suitable person who does not need the last part of Angry Birds and Crysis to the phone, and the main task for the iPhone is an internet and music. There iPhone 3 G will feel good. Find this iPhone, you can right now for $ 150. And it is worth the money.

http://appleiphone3g.ru/ Apple iphone 3g.

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